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Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

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Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

Updated 21st July 2020

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RE: Reopening Guide at The Writer’s Place: How is The Writer’s Place keeping your Children safe?

We aim to reopen safely to safeguard the well being of the community.
Based on MOH and MOE’s latest advisories, here are some of the necessary measures that we have put in place for a safe reopening:

  • Decreased class sizes to 5-7 students (depending on classroom size)
  • Staggered class timings (30mins between classes)
  • Enforced safe distancing in classrooms and common areas
  • Enforced mask-wearing for all in the centre
  • Common surfaces are sprayed with Sdst, an antimicrobial protective coating
    (the same brand of product used on lift buttons at HDB estates)
  • Continued availability of hand sanitizers and disinfectant in all classrooms
  • Continued mandatory wipe-down of tables and chairs at the end of each lesson
  • No cross-deployment of teachers and staff across branches

We implore your cooperation in the following:

1)    All parents of children attending physical classes at our centres have to fill an online declaration to agree to our revised Terms & Conditions, and to declare your child’s well being before the first lesson.

2)    To avoid crowding outside the centre:

  • Maintain 1m distance between persons while queuing to enter
  • Drop-off: We will permit entry to students 5 mins before the start of their class
    (they will be sent straight to their allocated seats upon entering)
  • Pick-up: Right at the end of lesson. We seek parents’ cooperation to be punctual, as children will not be allowed to wait inside the centre.
  • Parents, please do not wait at the centre’s entrance. Exercise good judgment to avoid crowding (eg. wait at a bigger area instead).

3)    Safety Protocols before entering the centre:

  • Wash hands with soap in the CC toilets
  • Ensure masks are on
  • Prepare EZlink cards/mobile devices ready for SafeEntry
  • Temperature check (we reserve the rights to turn away entry for people with a temperature of 37.5 degrees and above, and/or exhibiting signs that they are unwell)

4)    Students and staff on who have been issued a Home Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice, Leave of Absence, Approved Absence or MC for respiratory symptoms will not be permitted entry.

5)    Students and staff with household members who have been issued Home Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice, Leave of Absence, Approved Absence or an MC for respiratory symptoms will also not be permitted into the centre.

6)    Restricted entry

  • No visitors are allowed into the centre when classes are going on
    (this is to adhere to the safe number of people that we can have at any time).
  • Kindly make an appointment if you wish to enter our premises for any transaction.

7)    Strictly no make-up classes:

  • To restrict interaction between individuals from different classes
  • Most of our classes are at the maximum capacity of 5-7 students
  • Absentees will receive their worksheets upon return. If time permits, the teacher will give instructions for the student to complete as homework.

Note on Personal Trips and Travel Plans: With the government easing of safety restrictions and the slow opening of our borders for international travels, it becomes even more crucial for us to continue our stringent efforts to keep our premises safe. Students and staff should continue to defer all overseas travel, in line with the MOH Travel Advisory issued on 18th March 2020. Should overseas travel be unavoidable by household members of students or staff, a 14-day LOA from our centre is required. We regret to inform that there will be no refunds or makeup lessons conducted for students affected by such cases. The materials and worksheets, if any, will be given to the children when they return for classes.

Our top priority is to be able to operate safely whilst doing the best for our students.

We appeal to all students and parents to work with us on following the safe management protocols. Should our school be found violating any of the government-mandated regulations, there will also be a risk of suspension.

For more information on the safe management measures for tuition and enrichment centres:

Let’s continue to work together to keep our community safe!


Updated: 16th June 2020

Dear Parents,

Re: Safe Reopening of Physical Classes on 14th July, Tuesday

Singapore is entering Phase 2 on 19th June 2020, and we share the joy for the return of some post-COVID normalcy!

However, our school will remain closed in June as we await further instructions from the Ministry of Education, while assessing the situation to ensure that no second wave happens. Should all go as planned, The Writer’s Place will reopen for physical classes on 14th July, Tuesday. Our reopening plans will be emailed to you soon. In the meantime,

NEW: P4-P6 Online Term 2 classes

- For parents who would prefer this option
- More details will be out soon

At The Writer’s Place, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the safety and health of our students and staff are not compromised. While we are eager to reopen our doors, we hope to do so in a safe and careful manner.

We appreciate the continued support that we’ve received, and we thank you for your patience on the matter.


Updated: 20th may 2020

Dear Parents,

Based on the latest news update on the Phased Approach To Resuming Activities post-Circuit Breaker, The Writer’s Place falls under ‘Tuition and Enrichment Centres’ and we will not be able to open our centres on 2nd June 2020 as intended.

Our business falls under Phase 2 of the reopening. All classes will be pushed back to further notice.

Online classes for Primary 6 students: After careful consideration and given the new circumstance, we have decided to provide online classes for our Primary 6 cohort. This move is also encouraged by the requests made by many of our parents. Our team is currently planning an online curriculum and schedule. More details will be emailed to the Primary 6 parents soon.

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience and support on this matter.

Wishing all best of health, and stay safe!


Updated: 2nd April 2020

Dearest Parents and Students, we hope that you have been well.

Following the latest news on the extension of the Circuit Breaker measures to 1st June, The Writer’s Place follows the suspension of our operations as well. 

We hope to be able to resume our classes on 2nd June (Tuesday), or the earliest that we are able to (in accordance to the government’s directives). We will keep our parents updated accordingly.

In the mean time, we wish all our parents, students and their families to be safe and healthy.


Updated: 25th March 2020

MOH’s latest press release:

Announcement on Suspension of Enrichment classes with effect from 25th March till 30th April, kindly take note of the following:

1) ALL classes will be suspended with immediate effect (starting from  25th March Wednesday)

2) This week’s lesson (Term 1 Lesson 12) will be pushed back to when our centre resumes operations on 5th May.

3) 2020 Term 2: 12th May – 1st August

4) Any marked worksheets with us will be posted to your mailing address as given.

5) Free Home Support
Some children will still be sitting for compo exams in school. TWP hopes to provide guidance and support to minimize the disruption in their learning. More details will be emailed to you.

Let’s get through this together, Singapore!


Updated: 19th March 2020

MOE’s latest press release:

The Writer’s Place Requirements:
* Student should NOT attend TWP classes for the stipulated 14-day period if
- child or any household member has traveled on or after 14th March
- at any time, child or any household member has been issued a Stay-Home Notice / Quarantine Order

We seek all parents to promptly update our school where necessary.

Please be assured that special makeup classes will be arranged accordingly.

We aim to support all our students who might be affected in one way or another to the best of our abilities. Rest assured that TWP is committed to being vigilant and enforcing stringent measures.

ALL parents are required to fill in a March Declaration form by 20th March 2020.


Updated: 6th March 2020

As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop in Singapore, we understand the concerns that it has raised. We would like to assure all our parents that The Writer’s Place continues to keep a close eye on the situation, as we step up on our measures to maintain a clean and safe environment for all.

As we are following MOE’s directions, till date, the government has not given a directive to suspend schools or any child-related establishments such as childcare and education centres. As such, we are obliged to continue our operations as usual until instructed otherwise. Please be assured that we will adhere to suspension of classes if such directive is given by the government.

For MOE’s updates on the Coronavirus infection in Singapore, read here.

While our School and classes will run as usual, we would like to assure you that our students and staff’s health remain our highest priority.
We care about your child’s well-being.
In our efforts at ensuring the best for our students, we seek all parents’ cooperation in enforcing the following measures to minimize the effects that this situation has taken on their learning.


1) Following the government’s lead, all parents and students who have returned from affected areas on 14 March or later have to take a 14-day leave of absence from The Writer’s Place classes.

2) All parents need to complete the Health Declaration forms that will be emailed to you on a monthly basis before your child attends his/her classes with us. A NIL response is required.

3) Students who exhibit the following symptoms will not be permitted into the centre. Please have your child rest at home if he/she has displayed the following:

- A fever of 37.5°C and above
- Bad coughs
- Runny nose
- Shortness of breath

4) To facilitate the screening process, please:

A. Come at least 15 minutes before classes begin. We anticipate waiting and delay, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.
B. [Screening]: Students must wash their hands at the CC toilet before queueing up to have their temperatures taken.
C. While we actively enforce these measures, it is ultimately best if all individuals practise hygienic habits, such as

- Wearing masks and sanitizing their hands (students to bring their own masks and sanitisers if needed.)
- Coughing or sneezing into a disposable tissue and throwing it into the bin immediately
- Refraining from rubbing at eyes

Please do help remind your children on this. Every bit helps!


5) These are the precautionary measures that will be taken at all our centres:

a) Screening* health checks outside the center for all individuals.
Anyone (students, staff and visitors) displaying the above symptoms will be turned away and advised to seek medical attention immediately.

b) Disinfection of Centres
On top of stepping up on the frequency of cleaning the centres, all tables in our classrooms will be wiped-down with disinfectant spray before the start of each lesson. We are also ensuring extra care in the cleanliness of common surfaces such as door handles, the reading corner and glass doors.

c) Visitor Registration
On top of the mandatory hand-washing with soap and temperature-taking protocols that all visitors have to take, we will also be collecting contact details of all visitors before allowing access to into our centres. All parents are requested to wait outside the center. (For non-urgent matters, please drop us a SMS.)

d) Availability of Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers are readily available in all our classrooms for extra precaution.

6) *Screening: Students displaying the above symptoms outlined in (3) will not be permitted into the centre. Special make-up classes will be arranged for:
- Students who produce a valid MC, and
- Students who complied with the compulsory Leave of Absence
As always, please allow us time to plan and to get back to you with an arrangement at a later time.

Let’s work together to keep everyone safe during this period. We thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our school safe for all our children.

Thank you,

The Writer’s Place Management