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The School of Writing since 2009

What parents have to say about The Writer’s Place, The Specialist in Creative Writing

“Students not only learn through books but learn through PLAY! Teacher is patient and shares frequent feedback with parents. She uses a lot of ENCOURAGING remarks to MOTIVATE children.”Parent of Mori Yuhjin, P2

“My child has been attending The Writer’s Place for a few years now. She always ENJOYS the classes and in the last two exams, she is one of the TOP in her class for Paper 1. Thank you!” – Parent of Ariel Tan, P5

“Teachers are very PASSIONATE. Worksheets are relevant and aligned to MOE curriculum. Sufficient scaffolding has been done in class hence the child is able to expand his ideas clearly when writing his story. Keep up the GOOD WORK!” – Parent of Harresh, P3

“I LIKE how the teachers mark my child’s work – providing her with feedback: where she has done well to ENCOURAGE her and areas that she can work on in order to write a more cohesive story. Keep it up for a job well-done, The Writer’s Place!” – Parent of Kiera Kayden Sia, P3

INTERESTING worksheets, we love how the worksheets help to develop further our young writer’s craft – how it teaches the child to write opening paragraphs that catch the readers’ attention, planning main body etc. The updates highlight the happenings in the classroom and help the parents to follow through what has been taught in class. The photos proved that the children are having a WONDERFUL time.” – Parent of Tasya Emylia (Pre – school Principal)

“Very GOOD teaching skills that helped improved my son’s writing. He has achieved his HIGHEST score in composition writing!” – Parent of Chen Helin, P6

“My daughter ENJOYS and looks forward to the lessons!” – Parent of Koh Jun Ning Tricia, P4

“Overall, the lessons covered are INTERESTING, enriching enough and I am able to see IMPROVEMENT in my boy’s creative writing. Teachers are friendly, caring and attentive. Worksheets are relevant and I like the parts where many new words are introduced… it broadens the children’s VOCABULARY. The Bi-Monthly class newsletters are another platform to let parents know what is going on in class. Keep up the good job!” - Parent of Jayden Tan, P4

“The worksheets are structured and useful for the students. Teachers are approachable, LIKEABLE and friendly. They give encouraging remarks and comments.” - Parent of Adam Nadzri, P3 (Teacher)

“Personally, I think that the most important thing is that my child ENJOYS attending class. The stories taught in class are a break from the norm as they have INTERESTING twists in them. I appreciate that the teachers give constant feedback regarding my child’s progress and behavior in class.” – Parent of Shu Kehyan, P2

GOOD emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Compositions are completed during the lesson. The teachers are ENGAGING and ENCOURAGING, my child looks forward to attending the class every weekend.” ~ Parent of Amber Ong, P2

“Keep up the GOOD work. My child has been attending since P3 and has benefitted from the class. The skills learnt have HELPED her IMPROVE!” – Parent of Nicole Yeo, P5