Terms and Conditions
IMPORTANT: By signing up for our course,
you are confirming that you are agreeable to the following.

A) Payment and Fee Policy

1. We regret to inform that there are no refunds or proration for any unattended lessons or terms not completed.

A) No classes on Public Holidays. Classes which fall on Public Holidays will be conducted on another day. Students need to follow the date of replacement class as determined by the centre. 

B) Students are allowed to attend make up class in an existing available timeslot within the same week (max. 3 times per term) (*subjected to availability as there is a maximum cap of 12+1 make up)

C) Absentees will receive their worksheets upon return. If time permits, the teacher will give instructions for the student to complete as homework.

2. Strictly no physical make-up class, refunds or proration due to Leave of Absence (LOA), Approved Absence (AA) by schools, Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or Home Quarantine Order (HQO), Health Risk Notice (HRN), or issued with Medical Certificate. 
We seek your kind understanding.  Worksheet (if any) will be given when child returns. 

3. To indicate sincere interest for subsequent terms, 

– Fees for the next term are kindly to be paid 2 lessons before the new term starts.

– If fee is not received, it’ll be assumed that there is no intention to continue. 

– This is fair as there’s no deposit or 1-month-notice system imposed.   

– No prorating of course fees or annual material fees

4. Annual material fee does not include worksheets for any unpaid lesson(s) or term(s).

B) Other Matters

1. TWP shall not be liable for personal injury and loss or theft of personal  
   belongings, inside or outside the Centre’s premises.  The Centre will, however,
   within its means and capacity, strive to take precautionary measures for the
   duration of the child’s class. Parents are to be fully responsible if they should choose to allow their children to wait alone for class to begin, or fail to arrive promptly to fetch them after class has ended.

2. TWP reserves the right to (i) combine or dissolve a class (ii) change teachers.

3. Clients of TWP acknowledge that TWP owns all rights to all lessons and course materials which are protected by intellectual property laws, and shall not be shared, sold, copied, recorded, reproduced or disclosed by any means or for any purpose without the written consent of TWP.

4. As Singapore’s safe management measures continue to evolve in accordance with public health risk assessment, students will also strictly adhere to all prevailing rules set by the government at any time. All company arrangements will be in compliance with guidelines from the authorities. Safe Management Measures will be updated according to the prevailing guidelines.

C) Mode of class: Flexible Hybrid Learning Experience

Regrettably and with apologies, TWP is unable to take in students who are unable to go online.

1. For ALL levels, TWP reserves the right to change its mode of class following advisories from MOE and also at the centre’s discretion for the general benefit of all. TWP will assign alternate groups of students to attend online or physical classes, or online lessons for all if necessary to accommodate to the prevailing restrictions. Students must agree to attending classes online at home before signing up at TWP. There is NO opting out of online classes. Considerations before signing up: Working computer, good internet connection, child is independent.

2. Online classes fees are the same as physical classes. We regret to inform you that there is no refund if student is unable to attend classes online. 

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