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English Creative Writing – Testimonials

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English Creative Writing – Testimonials

  • My daughter has benefitted from this course. She has shown significant improvement in her daily writing and oral communication. One of the best Creative Writing schools ever.

Parent of Hilary Yee

  • The lessons are very interactive. The students are able to learn through fun and yet be able to remember. Shane loves to write. After he joined the class, his love for writing deepened. I can see the standard of his writing further improve. Now, he uses a wider variety of words in his essays, making them more interesting.

Parent of Shane Hew

  • Jasmine has improved and did well for her SA1 composition. I thank the teacher for guiding Jasmine well. My daughter likes to attend her lessons. The teacher explains very well and her lessons are lively. The teacher also gives quizzes periodically to help students recall past information.

Parent of Jasmine Koh

  • My teacher is very funny. I like the way my teacher teaches me. She uses hilarious words to describe the difficult stuff so that I can learn and remember the topics in a fun and enjoyable way. She will explain to me patiently whenever I ask her things which I do not understand.

Student – Alicia Yap

  • The worksheets are structured and relevant. With a wide range of vocabulary taught, my girl is now able to use them in her Paper 2:Vocabulary close and editing as well. Her grammar and editing/punctuation have also improved. Overall, I feel this helps her in both English paper 1 and 2.

Parent of Lee Kelli-Ann

  • Very good exposure to varied styles of writing. Structured and a lot of handholding provided for improving writing skills.

A School Teacher

  • I like the way the teachers motivate the students. It really encourages the children to perform better in their studies.

Parent of Santhini

  • My girl has enjoyed TWP’s creative writing lesson since Feb 2012 till present. She has mentioned and complimented that all her teachers are equally good in coaching the class. The good chemistry between my child and the teacher is something which keeps her attending every Friday’s class without fail.

Parent of Faith Ho

  • I like the phrases and vocabulary my son has amassed. As reinforcement, the students are made to apply the same phrases and vocabulary taught previously in subsequent compositions.

Parent of Linus Lim

  • Excellent! Worksheets are very useful. That’s why my son can score pretty well in his SA1 compo.

Parent of Vince

  • Lessons are interesting and fun. Games help students to learn better! My child has learnt many beautiful phrases.

Parent of Nadia Loh

  • Thank you The Writer’s Place! My daughter’s English result has improved from Band 2 to Band 1!

Parent of Xiao Wei

  • Devinya is always looking forward to Saturdays. She has shown lots of interest in writing. I would sincerely like to thank the teacher who has made her love writing!

Parent of Devinya

  • Thank you for cultivating a good reading and writing habit for Yi En. Very much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!

Parent of Yi En