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Other Exciting Programmes

March Holiday Programmes at The Writer’s Place are now open for sign-ups! If you need a boost for Paper 2, look no further! We are offering:

Cloze Passage and Open ended-Comprehension (Primary 5-6)

Through various Fun activities, students will be taught the essential skills needed for the challenging components of Paper 2. They will get their hands on fictional and non-fictional passages.

Skills taught:

  • Understanding parts of a speech to aid cloze passage syntax
  • Using contextual clues
  • Searching for information quickly by recognizing the main idea and details
  • Looking for clues and drawing conclusions

Grammar (Primary 4-5)

The foundation of English – grammar!
Grammar can be likened to piling works done before any building is constructed. With a strong foundation, buildings will last forever!

The Writer’s Place have simplified and made grammar fuss-free. Guaranteed! Common mistakes explored: children will be made aware of common errors that they aren’t even aware of!