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Tutopiya: Where To Find Creative Writing Classes For Kids

As kids and adults are continuing to suffer the ongoing pandemic in the world, we are left with the choice of making the most of the extra time at hand to enhance the skills we have. Creative writing is one such skill that will continue to be useful immaterial of what the world has to offer us. Here’s a breakdown of physical and online creative writing classes for your kids to choose from. 

What is Creative Writing? 

Creative writing is introduced to your child as early as primary school. It is part of the MOE English curriculum where your child will learn to develop their writing skills and enhance their English ability. Primary 6 students will sit for this component in their PSLE English national examinations before moving on to secondary school.

Why is Creative Writing important? 

Creative writing encourages your child to better their English skills in the following areas:

  • Grammar 
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence structure 
  • Appropriate punctuation 
  • Appropriate use of idioms and words 

The school can only offer so much to fuel your child’s growth and development. Hence, finding creative writing classes for your kids can help your child to receive the support and guidance they need to better their skills. 

The Writer’s Place is the specialist in English Creative Writing classes for primary 1 to 6 students in Singapore, a pioneer since 2009. Their fun and exam-oriented (PSLE) classes will enhance your child’s English vocabulary and the much-needed in-depth creative writing skills to improve their composition grades.

As the School of Writing, TWP’s unique point is clearly its focus to create an environment specially curated for a community of students to pursue writing skills together. With engaging games and movement to enhance children’s learning experience, you can expect your child to be fully immersed in their effective step-by-step curriculum.

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