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Honeykids Asia: 5 useful things your kids can learn from English creative writing courses in Singapore

Whether you’re trying to tell a good story, improve school results, or simply communicate clearly, writing is a critical life skill. Have you thought about boosting your child’s confidence and creativity while they’re still young?

Why enrol your child in writing school? Whether your little one fancies him/herself as a future J.K. Rowling or would choose to eat maggoty haggis over sitting down to write, it’s a fact of life that we’re all writers. In a single day we might email our mum, prepare a business proposal, do a Facebook post, and whip up a party invitation. We get by, but imagine if we all knew how to write and comprehend English perfectly, avoiding all those misinterpreted email exchanges that leave you screaming at the dog and hurling your laptop into a pot plant. It’s especially important during the school years to master the basics of English composition, not just to improve school grades and exam results, but to lay the groundwork for strong future career prospects. Just like learning a musical instrument or studying math, the key to strong English is practice, practice, and more practice! So, in the spirit of practice, we took a look at the primary school children’s courses offered by the specialists in English creative writing, The Writer’s Place, and here’s what we found our little people can learn (hopefully passing a few tips onto us at the same time)…


Maximum participation and active learning at The Writer’s Place.

Brush up on the basics of grammar to improve school results
Many kids (and adults, to be fair) see grammar as tedious, often not realising that improving in this area will make their writing lives so much easier. We’d all love to entertain and inspire people with our writing, but all creative writing dreams – and educational goals, and corporate career aspirations – need to start by learning to string a sentence together on paper. Like all good art, writing well is never as easy as the masters make it look, but the grammar courses at The Writer’s Place can help kids to master the fundamentals.

Learn to tell riveting stories
The PSLE Intensive Creative Writing course is perfect for students who are keen to take their writing to the next level. They’ll learn how to entertain their readers rather than just churning out sentences, and deepen their thinking process in plot development.

Write the next Pixar or Disney classic
For creative writing education disguised as fabulous fun, who could do a better job than Shrek or Amy Poehler in Inside Out? Through watching and analysing animated films, writing dialogue, role playing, and creating a film plot of their own, students in the Movie Mania course will learn to apply their basic skills to something other than composition writing. You just never know where the next Frozen idea might be lurking.

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Captivating titles are available at the cosy reading corner for students.

Be a better reader
Another essential foundation of writing is comprehension. After all, a good writer is a good reader! The course in comprehension at The Writer’s Place uses fun activities to teach kids how to search for information quickly by recognising the main idea in a passage, ultimately making reading a more enjoyable experience and improving students’ overall English grades at school.

…or just keep the creative juices flowing during the school holidays
For the opportunity to keep skills sharp during the summer break, the five-day creative writing course at The Writer’s Place is a great option for new students. Kids will learn basic writing techniques and apply them to their own compositions, returning to school with a new level of confidence and enthusiasm for writing.

Composition writing courses at The Writer’s Place are affordable and they adhere to the Singapore School Exam-oriented syllabus, using an interactive approach to really get the most out of the kids. We love the principles of maximum participation, active learning, and committing to memory, which all work together to ensure great results. For example, when a teacher asks a question, they encourage the entire class to write their answers on the whiteboard rather than focusing only on the most vocal students. The methods are proven in the results: since 2009, the majority of P6 students attending courses at The Writer’s Place scored A and A* for their PSLE English exam, and the school takes pride in the fact that it has guided more than 2,000 students over the years.

It sounds to us like a smart move for any parents who’d like their kids to sharpen up their writing skills, but if your little person needs convincing, just tell them this: NO HOMEWORK!

Not only that, the lovely people at The Writer’s Place would like to welcome HoneyKids readers with these fantastic offers, as well as their usual trial classes (check the schedule here):


  1. June holiday programs: registration has started, but you can enjoy an extended early bird discount if you mention HoneyKids when registering.
  2. Free help!: email a piece of your primary school-aged child’s written work to and the friendly team will be happy to give you some tips and tricks. Amazing!
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“My daughter ENJOYS and looks forward to the lessons!”

Parent of Koh Jun Ning Tricia, P4


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