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Parentsworld 2021/2022 Best Of The Best Award: “Best In Honing Creative Writing Skills”

The School of Writing for Children in Singapore

Learn the nuances of English creative writing at The Writer’s Place –
a premium writing school with exemplary teachers!

In the melee of multi-disciplinary enrichment schools, The Writer’s Place (TWP) has carved its niche as an enrichment school specializing in only one core subject – English creative writing for Primary school students in Singapore.

Niche Enrichment Centre for Primary 1-6 English Creative Writing

Acknowledging that composition writing is the proverbial elephant in the room when it comes to primary school English; TWP has vested its entire repertoire of expertise and resources for the last 12 years towards the mastery of the subject, bringing the best English creative writing learning experience possible to students. No surprise then, that parents continue to trust TWP as the one of the best English tuition centre in nurturing their children into skilful and content writers.

With the help of a research-based curriculum that is simple yet effective; TWP has decoded what it takes to write a well-structured, well-rounded and high-scoring composition! This formula for success along with the supporting knowledge and skillset is transferred to the students in a highly intuitive way that ensures they are exam ready. Some of the proven methodologies by which the school promotes mastery over creative writing include:

• Demonstrating engaging stories written in-house
• Brainstorming targeted ideas & vocabulary
• Practicing an exam-oriented approach
• Complementing writing with visuals, videos & interactive games
• Conducting structured in-class revision

A Nurturing Environment for Students

The school’s expertise in honing the students’ creative expression is only matched by the nurturing care bestowed by its teachers. TWP understands that even the most experienced writers cannot produce a compelling copy without a conducive mindset, hence the teachers strive to make every lesson engaging and enjoyable. The school’s mission is to achieve results but not without a fair degree of fun infused in the learning process. At TWP, every little success of the student is commended and celebrated and not just the final outcome.

What sets TWP apart from other enrichment schools is that TWP teachers and staff are responsive and warm in their communication with both students and their parents. Teachers provide regular feedback to parents on their child’s progress and are receptive to problems. This unwavering commitment to the welfare of their students has been exemplified during the disruptiveness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. TWP has successfully implemented a Flexible-Hybrid learning experience, allowing students to switch seamlessly between virtual and physical lessons at any time.

At TWP, the teachers’ positive influence shines through. No wonder, TWP receives glowing reviews and heartfelt notes of appreciation from satisfied parents all year round.

Take a look at what a P4 student’s parent had to say: “The teachers are very dedicated and committed to teaching my kids. I appreciate and like that Ethan’s teacher does regular and timely feedback on his progress via WhatsApp and she is willing to take time to go through with Ethan on what he had missed and when he needed additional coaching after the class. Thank you, teacher!”

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The Writer’s Place operates from the following centres:

Woodlands Galaxy Community Club (WLDS)
Tel: 9452 5144,

Keat Hong Community Club (CCK),
Tel: 9183 2129,

“My daughter ENJOYS and looks forward to the lessons!”

Parent of Koh Jun Ning Tricia, P4


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