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Did You Know?


Dear Parents,

The first thing you must be aware of is: English creative writing is not an easy task for a child, especially one who does not love reading. Teaching a child to write is not merely throwing him a set of impressive vocabulary and telling him to “brainstorm” or “think creatively”. There must be a structure for a child to follow.

At The Writer’s Place, we will first establish the foundation by equipping your child with the set of writing skills needed. It is akin to learning a musical instrument. Our young writers will be taught advanced writing techniques known exclusively to people in the English literary field. Of course, these techniques will be simplified.

Maximum participation is always emphasized through various learning and questioning techniques. To keep your child’s mind alert, movement and games are incorporated.

Opening a child’s eyes to these creative writing techniques will produce a long lasting effect. Henceforth, he will be able to identify and appreciate the writer’s craft in the storybooks he reads!



Degree in English and Psychology
Primary School English Teacher
In the Education Industry for 20 years
Founder of this successful Creative Writing enrichment centre for more than 10 years