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Montessori Classes


Montessori Phonics

Phonics is the study of letter-sounds. Do you know that there are 26 letters in the alphabet but 40 separate letter-sounds? Mastery of this complicated system is crucial in helping your child read and spell well. When children can associate the correct sound with the individual letter, they will definitely be equipped to pronounce most English words and read independently!

Montessori Mathematics

Children will develop their vocabulary and an understanding of the working of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division using the decimal system in a concrete and visual method. Maria Montessori believes that using the Golden Beads, Sequin Board, Spindle Box, Cards and Counters, Fractions and Tray, Sandpaper Numerals, Number Rods and Large Number Cards will help children grasp the concept of concrete and abstract Math. This will build a firm foundation for primary school mathematics!

  • Strictly only 4 students per session
  • Conducted by a Senior Montessori Pre-School Teacher
  • CALL 9238 6004 (Teacher-in-charge)